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If someone was described as having a “dash of lavender”, it generally meant that they were gay or effeminate. Lavender is perceived as a feminine scent and to contain some of it, meant you were partly feminine. It has since largely died out as a descriptive slur, much in the way of being a “confirmed bachelor” or a “friend of Dorothy”.

The Blogger

I identify as a gay, white male. I live in Yorkshire, England. Within the gay community, I’d be called a bear/cub depending on perspective. I came out whilst at school, and have encountered a moderate amount of homophobia in my life. I am currently 28 years old.

I believe wholeheartedly in equality, not only for the LGBTQ community, but also for people of colour and women. I have my own unique perspective on things, and I admit to using homophobic slurs in certain situations (with friends) because I believe using them can take away the power of negativity, much like the Queer Movement aims to do with the word “queer” – I understand that this can be triggering and I apologise to those who I do offend.

I seldom read mainstream gay media because I do not feel it represents who I am because I do not believe myself to be universally attractive, and even though I am a white male, I don’t believe the whitewashing of media used by emerging LGBTQ people is helpful or representative of the diverse community in which I belong.

This blog is an outlet for LGBTQ related topics that I feel like writing about, whether it’s just a point of view or if it’s lived experience.