Look For The Rainbow.

men like me

Ah February. A month when single people are made to feel as if they are strange creatures, or that they should now be finding their mate. It’s also a month where two minorities get to discover and celebrate their history side-by-side. What ever do I mean? Well February is both Black History Month and LGBTQ History Month.

Now, I’m not black, and I’m not going to comment on their history, but I will happily sit here now, and discuss our history. And by ‘our’ I mean, the LGBTQ people of the world. You see, I believe history is a vital and important part of who we are right now in the moment, and never has it been more prevalent than to remember what we have endured, and what we are facing in the future. Many people are focussing in on the radical reversal of things over in the United States…

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